February 2019 ACT Prep Schedule

Free Baseline Diagnostic ACT Test: January 6th from noon-3:30pm

New students attend a 2-day Boot Camp Course as their first course.

January 12th and 19th from 12:00 - 4:00pm
(The Boot Camp Course is available online if a student cannot attend the in person classes.)

New ​Parent Orientation Session: Jan. 13th, 3:30-4:30pm

In addition to the Boot Camp Course, new students attend a 2-day Strategy Practice Course.

Strategy Class 1: Jan. 16th (5-8pm) OR Jan. 27th (3-6pm)
Strategy Class 2: Jan. 23rd (5-8pm) OR Feb. 3rd (3-6pm)


All students attend 10 Test Review classes

English Class #1: Jan. 13th (9am-noon) OR Jan. 14th (5-8pm)
Reading Class #1: Jan. 13th (1-3pm) OR Jan. 15th (6-8pm)
Math Class #1: Jan. 20th (9am-noon) OR Jan. 21st (5-8pm)
Science Class #1: Jan. 20th (1-3pm) OR Jan. 22nd (6-8pm)
 English Class #2: Jan. 27th (9am-noon) OR Jan. 28th (5-8pm)
Reading Class #2: Jan. 27th (1-3pm) OR Jan. 29th (6-8pm)
Math Class #2: Feb. 3rd (9am-noon) OR Feb. 4th (5-8pm)
Science Class #2: Feb. 3rd (1-3pm) OR Feb. 5th (6-8pm)
English & Reading Class #3:Feb. 7th (6-8pm)
Math & Science Class #3: Feb. 8th (6-8pm)

Optional Essay Writing Class: Jan. 31st, 6-7:30pm

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