Individual ACT Prep Classes

Why choose individual ACT prep classes?

At LogicMax ACT Prep, we recommend that each student completes a Full ACT Prep Program. However, we understand that students' busy schedules can make it difficult to complete a 4-6 week in-person course. We also know that some students may only need to increase their scores in specific sections. ​

If you are one of these students, then taking individual classes might be the best option for you. You can also choose to combine Individual ACT Prep Classes with our Online ACT Prep Course and/or Private Lessons.

Which classes should you take first?


Students are required to begin with a Boot Camp Class (Either in-person or Online). The Boot Camp Classes teach the basic timing and guessing strategies for each section.


Without taking the Boot Camp Class for a section, students will be lost when we discuss these strategies in the other classes. Remember, the LogicMax ACT Prep Program is not at all like "traditional" ACT Prep, so please make sure to start with a Boot Camp Class.

To sign up for one or more specific ACT prep classes
please call 817-576-3555 and we will gladly help you customize a program that is perfect for you.
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