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ACT Prep Class Schedules

ACT Prep Sessions typically begin 5-6 weeks before each National ACT exam date.

We also offer Individual ACT Prep Classes, Private Test Review Packages, and a self-paced, Online ACT Prep Course


Call 817-576-3555 for more information 


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LogicMax ACT Test Prep
CLASS SCHEDULE for the April 2023 ACT Test

Students who have never taken an actual ACT exam should register for a FREE New Student Diagnostic Test. 

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Register for your ACT Test at at least 6 weeks before your test. The earlier, the better, as some locations fill up quickly.

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LogicMax ACT Test Prep
June 2023 ACT Test

The results speak for themselves! LogicMax students have increased 17 points or more in all 4 ACT sections!


Order the TIR Report for the

December, April & June ACTs. This report can be ordered when signing up for these 3 ACT tests. 

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LogicMax ACT Test Prep CLASS SCHEDULE for the July 2023 ACT Test

Returning students take 9 new

Test Review Classes during each additional test cycle.

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You'll need a TI-84 Plus CE 

edition calculator version 5.4 or earlier. (Look on Ebay for a used calculator that is at least 2 years old, is NOT in the original packaging and is NOT the PYTHON edition.)

Need more details?

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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