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LogicMath Calculator App Classes

Have you heard of the "Calculator Lady"?


Seems that's what students in the DFW area are calling LogicMax founder and instructor Jen Fuller! And, although LogicMax ACT students regularly increase 10 or more points on ALL sections of the ACT test, our custom calculator programs have really made a significant impression on our students!


Read on to find out why...

Oh...and DON'T WORRY, all of the LogicMax Calculator Programs follow the ACT guidelines for programs that are allowed on calculators! 

What is a LogicMath Class?

LogicMax offers students the opportunity to attend classes that will focus entirely on using the preloaded APPS and custom LogicMax Calculator Programs made for the TI-84 Plus CE edition calculator, version 5.4 or earlier. (Please call for more details.)

This class is great for students who need help with their ACT Math score, but is also PERFECT for 7th-10th graders who are not yet ready for a complete ACT Prep program.

  • Did you know that your calculator has a SOLVER that solves equations? Even Calculus equations?? No? You aren't the only one! We will teach you how to use this and other AWESOME APPS that are on your calculator.


  • Also, dozens of Custom LogicMax Programs will be downloaded onto your calculator. Our LogicMax ACT students tell us that they use these programs ALL THE TIME in their high school math classes and in college!

​Knowing how to use these LogicMax programs, as well as the many useful calculator APPS that come standard on the calculators, will give you a huge head start on preparing for the ACT, while 

simultaneously helping you improve your math grades at school!​ 

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