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Wait, Can't Anyone Start an ACT Prep Company?

Unfortunately, yes. There are no degrees or certificates for teaching ACT Prep. There are no rules or official guidelines. Anybody can offer ACT Prep services, hire anyone they want to teach the classes, and tell you that their students get the best score increases. In fact, the best person to make an ACT Prep company financially successful would be an expert in marketing, because people can make up their own statistics or write fake customer reviews, and, to be honest, it happens a lot more than it should. 

But, chances are, you are here because a friend referred you to LogicMax...because they know the program really is different, and that it really worked for them. It might not be the cheapest option, but it's also far from the most expensive. It's not the quickest option, because significant learning rarely happens overnight. And although LogicMax founder Jennifer Fuller, M.S.Ed was offered a full-ride to UH to study rocket science based on her ACT score, the art of really effective ACT prep isn't rocket science...but it is more complicated than you might think.

The bottom line is that LogicMax has some of the most impressive, verifiable ACT score improvements anyone, anywhere has ever seen. In fact, just last year, LogicMax student Charlie Barker increased an insane 15 composite points, from an 18 to a 33, over 10 months of working with LogicMax! And Lauren Rozas improved 13 composite points during the same time period. But PLEASE don't take our word for it. Check out all the 5 star reviews by REAL students and parents on Google. Just Google "LogicMax Learning".

And we think the BEST review was when one of LogicMax's students got a letter from ACT that said that his score increase was "highly unusual, even with extensive test prep." So, yeah, when the ACT accuses 4 of your students of cheating, just because their scores increased so much, we think it's safe to say that most ACT prep results can't match ours.  (Don't worry, we've since figured out how to keep the ACT off your back if you do have an amazing score increase.)

LogicMax also does not "farm out" it's most important classes to part-time teachers or college students looking to make a little money on the side. Don't get us wrong, it's not a terrible thing, it just won't get you the best possible results. You might see a part-time employee or student intern helping with a Baseline Test or Mock Exam class, but Jennifer Fuller, the creator of the LogicMax ACT Program, still teaches all the Boot Camp, Test Review, and Calculator Classes. Jennifer has nearly 10 years of college under her belt, and she has always been an outstanding test taker. And no, her degrees are not in interior design and business (although we do get lots of compliments on the office color scheme and layout!). Jennifer has a Bachelor's degree in Molecular Genetics with Full University Honors, has minor degrees in Chemistry, Physics, Education, and Psychology, and has a Master's degree in Education. Jennifer was also a High School Science teacher for 10 years prior to beginning LogicMax Learning Systems, Inc., so she knows how important individual attention is for each student, which is why we strive to cap our classes at a maximum of 20 students.

Now, if this doesn't convince you that LogicMax is your best choice for ACT Prep, that's ok! Honestly, if everyone was already great at logical thinking, we'd be out of business. Because Logic IS the magic key to a great ACT score. (Shhhh, it's a secret!)

So, if you want the best ACT score you can get, and if you are willing to work hard (sorry, but this isn't one of those test prep scams, either), then you should give Jen a call at 817-576-3555. But first, if you have time, check out the videos below that Jen made just for you, because they answer the most common questions our new families ask.

Scroll down for more videos addressing frequently asked questions.

LogicMax ACT Prep offers 
Call 817-576-3555 to learn more!
Are you wanting MAXimum results?20% of LogicMax ACT students score a 35 or perfect 36 in English
LogicMax students have increased 17-21 points on ALL 4 ACT test sections!

The LogicMax Program works for all students, including students with learning differences and students participating in the 7th grade Duke TIP Program.

6 LogicMax students have increased their Composite scores 13-15 points!
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