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LogicMax ACT Online

Students across the U.S., and even other countries, have used the LogicMax ACT Online Program to increase their composite scores by up to 10 points (so far). LogicMax Online students have scored perfect 36's in individual sections and even perfect composite scores!

LogicMax ACT Prep uses Canvas as its Online Learning Platform. Students watch instructional videos taught by the creator of the LogicMax ACT Program, complete practice ACT tests, and take quizzes over what they have learned. The online only course is $979 and includes 4 complete practice ACT tests. Students will also receive 6 months of live online test review class access and instructions for downloading the LogicMax ACT MaxMath Calculator App for TI-84 CE. 

LogicMax Online ACT Prep students are also able to schedule online private lessons with ACT expert Jennifer Fuller for $150 an hour. Please contact LogicMax at 817-576-3555 for private lesson availability.

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