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The LogicMax ACT Prep 3 Test Cycle Package includes a Score Increase Guarantee of 6 composite points*.


But What Does This REALLY mean?


First of all, let's be honest: any ACT Prep Program can promise ANY score increase...even if they know most of their students will never achieve that increase with their program.


How does this work? Well, if they promise a money-back guarantee, they make it almost impossible to actually get your money back by using unreasonable stipulations. And, if they promise additional prep if you aren't happy, then they've probably already factored that into their price. After all, the person who designed most ACT prep programs is NOT the person teaching the classes. Think about it...if a company charges $4000 for a 30 hour private program, pays a random tutor $20 an hour to work with the student, then pays another tutor $20 an hour to fulfill their "guarantee" that the student will get 10 additional hours when they don't improve 5 composite points (or whatever number they want to say), then, even if the students NEVER improves, they've still made $3200 AFTER they pay the person who did most of the work! And, if the owner of the program DOES personally teach the classes, then they very well may hand-pick the most promising students who already have decent scores, while turning away the students they don't think they can help. Of course, these are usually the students who need the MOST help! 


LogicMax does not do any of this. LogicMax designer and CEO, Jennifer Fuller, teaches ALL of the classes and doesn't turn ANY student away because their initial score is too low. In fact, Jen is MOST excited to help students who have the chance to increase the MOST. She loves a challenge, and she knows that her program really works. This is why her students almost always increase at least 6 points after 3 round of classes with her. Of course, most students increase MUCH more than that (if you have an extra minutes, check out all our amazing Google reviews)...and often after just a few weeks of prep with Jen.


So why give a guarantee? Because Jennifer Fuller is personally invested in each LogicMax student's success. If they don't improve, then she has to personally spend additional time working with that student.But she also knows that, even with the best preparation, things can affect your score that aren't anyone's fault. 


Proctors not giving you the correct amount of time to finish your test? Yup...happens ALL THE TIME. Not feeling well the day of the test? Some poor students have had this happen more than once! Your proctor telling you that you aren't allowed to use calculator programs? It's rare, but it has happened on occasion when a proctor doesn't have a complete grasp of the rules. And the list goes on. 

So Jen makes sure that each student knows that if they work hard, then she will NOT leave them hanging. She has been known to stay late after class to work with a student who was struggling, gives her students her cell number so they can text her with questions or a last minute emergency before a test (like meeting a mom at a Walmart at midnight the night before an ACT in order to program a new calculator when a student lost his calculator less than 10 hours before the test. 

LogicMax ACT Composite Score Increase Guarantee Guidelines


Each student’s attendance, strategy quiz score average, mock exam completion score average, and number of practice tests taken will be used to determine the student’s LogicMax ACT course grade for both the Boot Camp Course and all Test Review Courses. Students must receive scores of A or B in ALL classes in order to be eligible for any Score Increase Guarantee. Students must also take the National ACT given after each test cycle they complete.


Students must have an acceptable baseline ACT score before beginning their LogicMax ACT Program to be eligible for any Score Increase Guarantee. Acceptable baseline ACT scores must be official ACT scores or a baseline test taken at the LogicMax ACT office. Copies of official ACT score reports must be presented to LogicMax ACT upon request.


Students who purchase a 3 test cycle package, meet all the requirements for the guarantee, and do not increase their composite score at least 6 points will receive additional group class prep with LogicMax ACT until they have increased their composite scores at least 6 points.


In order to earn at least a B in the Boot Camp Course, students must: 

1.) Have an attendance rate of 100% for all Boot Camp Classes (or make satisfactory arrangements with the instructor to make up these classes) during their first test cycle. Each of these classes is offered at least twice during each test cycle. 

2.) Complete all sections of Practice Test 1 and enter their answers online in Canvas. 

3.) Complete all 5 Boot Camp Strategy Quizzes and have an average score of at least 80%. 

4.) Spend a total of at least 6 hours in the Boot Camp Course on Canvas. (This is the minimum amount of time needed to complete all the extra strategy practice videos and all of the tests and quizzes.)


In order to earn at least a B in a Test Review Course, students must:

1.) Have an attendance rate of 100% for Test Review classes #1-8. Each of these classes is offered twice during each test cycle.  

2.) Complete all sections of the 3 tests assigned during the test cycle and enter these answers online by the due date. 

3.) Complete all 8 strategy quizzes by their due dates and earn an overall average score of at least 80%. 

4.) Earn an overall mock exam completion score average of at least 90%.


If missing a class is unavoidable, students should utilize one of the bonus private lessons included in their 3 test cycle package to take and review the test for the classes they missed.

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