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The Sky is The Limit

— Eric Schmidt, Keller City Councilman 

"Very few actions in life change futures as much as elevating ACT test scores. If your kids actually take advantage of all that LogicMax ACT offers, the sky is the limit. LogicMax ACT delivers results."

Who Developed the LogicMax Program?


Jennifer Fuller, M.S.Ed. has a unique educational background that helped shape the LogicMax ACT Prep Program. As a high school senior, Jennifer was awarded full-tuition scholarships to two different universities based largely on her high ACT score. She first earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Molecular Genetics with Full University Honors from Northern Illinois University. Jennifer then earned her Illinois Secondary Teacher Certification in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Psychology from Southern Illinois University. Finally, while teaching high school chemistry, she completed her Master of Science Education Degree in Integrating Technology in the Classroom from Walden University. For her final master's program project, Jennifer proposed designing a program that would teach students how to guess correctly more often on the math portion of the ACT test. Interestingly enough, Jennifer's professor initially told her that teaching students how to guess better on the ACT was an impossible task. However, after Jennifer submitted her completed research, her professor called her and said, "No one has ever done anything like this before. ACT Prep is what you were born to do!"


The main goal at LogicMax is to help students achieve amazing ACT scores. Jennifer says, "there is simply nothing more rewarding than having a parent call crying happy tears, explaining that their student's life was forever changed because of the high ACT score I helped them achieve. Whether that means that they were able to attend a university they thought was out of reach or because they received a full-ride to a school they thought they would never be able to afford, I am personally invested in every student's success. I also believe this is why over 95% of our students come to us from word-of-mouth referrals and about 25% of my students are siblings of students I worked with in the past."

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